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Newspostinger is an international social media news platform that focuses to solve the problems of life for human being and social excellence by posting and sharing knowledge, information, stories, incidents, and happenings occurred in human life, society and world.

As the project was all from the start so it was necessary for us to know all the requirements of the project and needs of their business. The main objective of this project was to develop a website more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, with better navigation, to make it easier to browse and convert visitors to contacts that will lead to future growth. Focused on improving the look and feel of the website, to make it more engaging and to make it easier for site visitors to find their way around.


GWS Surgical LLP

GWS Surgical one of the Leading Indian exporter manufacturing companies Known in the Field of Medical Devices covering varied range of Ophthalmic Instruments, Orthopedic Implants & General Medical Devices

They wanted to display all their services and products to their potential clients with easy and better navigation. We build them a professional and functional website, combined with strategies to attract traffic to the website and to drive people back to their business.
Our main aim was to create custom website and web design that contribute in the growth of their business. We make sure that each carefully designed website has a clear purpose and call to action with its visiting users.


Blocities - A Real Estate Marketplace

Blocities uses a blockchain-based approach to solve the most pressing challenges in today’s global real estate industry. From fraud and liquidity issues, to challenges around property management and record keeping.

The aim of this project was to give customers a more detailed view of the blockchain industry and how they can invest through it in Real-Estate. It required more of a strategic approach to put all the information with best design for high understanding of the services to visitors.
We build them an incredible website that elegantly supports and markets a wide range of services and directs users to relevant points of contact. The website displayed not only their industry expertise but also built trust between both parties by minimizing the risk of fraud and showing transparency of their business.


ReiPro - Real Estate CRM

Reipro is a CMS where people will have access to the world’s first ever real estate investor software that walks them through the entire buying and selling process, step-by step, regardless of what real estate strategy they are working.
Our team was responsible for the entire CMS web development and web design, and solved all their challenges with creative approach. They wanted to get the branding done in such a way as to portray a corporate feel and investor look in their website. The focus for this project was hands-on struggle for the right technological solution to ensure a safe and predictable foundation for online presence of any kind so, the customers use their system to make get world-class Real Estate experience

The focus was on driving revenue, leads, and traffic from search for investors. We successfully created the CMS website which resulted in increasing customers interest and brand-new customer experience.

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Provided technical consulting and built valuable automation for one of the countries’ largest real estate brokerages

Marketing Automation Agency

Provided valuable automation and technical support for a marketing-focused agency, allowing them to focus on what they did best


Integrated advanced custom code with existing no-code tools to scale this popular community

Biotech Startup

Built a cross-platform desktop application which communicated with USB devices


Served as CTO and made critical technical decisions for this startup

Joshua Tree Coffee

Built custom accounting automation for this popular coffee company